Old School Joint of The Day: GangStarr- Skillz

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As I sit back and listen to this I can’t help but Think to myself “Damn this is real

hip hop” Guru is probably one of the most underrated MC’s of all time. When you

hear this you can’t help but rock to this. Enjoy


Maestro Knows Season 3 Episode 6 “Johnny Cupcakes”

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Levi is probably my biggest Hero and even though his web show has been on

fora while idk why i never posted it up. Now that he’s getting bigger and the

people he hangs out with get bigger as well there’s no telling what to expect

from him in the future. He’s progressively touched and inspired many young

kids like my self. Wish this guy much more success, he deserves it

To check out his site and catch up on all the episodes Click Here

New Stussy DC Exculsive T-Shirts

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The Stussy Store in DC created two new exclusive shirts that were released

today. Both are pretty cool but by the time I get back to school I wouldn’t be

surprised to see some BEAST jocking it. Exclusive just doesn’t seem to have

thesame meaning anymore.

For a more Detailed Look at these Shirts  Click Here

Dom Kennedy- Me Again

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So A few days ago the New Dom Kennedy Mixtape came out, From The

Westside With Love” and the mixtape is solid I mean if you’re the

kindofperson who like hip hop and every form it comes in I’m sure you’ll like

Dom. I first started listening to Dom after I heard some tracks off his 25th

hour mixtape and ever since I just loved the guys flow and what he’s about.

So I got the mixtape the day it came out and the bonus track “Me Again” is my

favorite. The beat is hard and his lyrics really make me reminisce . Take a

listen and see what he’s all about

Def Poetry Jam – Shiha

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So This morning I was got on youtube and as one thing led to another I

stumbled upon this clip from Def Poetry Jam. I gotta admit I never actually

saw it when it was big but as I got a little older I started to liked it and respect

it. Now I look at this wish i could be a poet. To have that kind of charisma and

make people laugh but still have a powerful message behind what you say

take takes talent. Hope You Enjoy it as much as I did

Phonte Adress Fans about 9th Wonder Situation

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As a Huge little Brother Fan I’m looking forward to LeftBack (said to be the

last LB album) but it breaks my heart to see the greatest hip hop group since

A Tribe Called Quest slowly crumble apart over the years. Its sad what the

music industry can do to friends. This is truly sad and I can only hope this

gets resolved soon

Its Been A While

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WOW its been over a year since my last post. About this time last

year I decided to stop posting things up because I had less time to

myself and didn’t really have the time to sit down and look for

those things that got my attention. I decided to do this again

because looking back I really liked the way I felt and how “real” I

kept it at the time. So I’ll start putting up stuff I like. (music, artsy

stuff,Tech stuff, sports, you know all that stuff I used to put up)

Hopefully you all like it